Adelante 88 Santorini’s new secret!

The Creation

Between the blue and the white, between the primordial power of the Caldera and its most cosmopolitan ambience, an idea was born. An idea influenced by all the colours and the aromas of Santorini. An idea forged from history, bountiful nature, the finest aesthetics, authentic Cycladic beauty and peacefulness. An idea founded on the concept of Greek hospitality, because “adelante” means “welcome, come in”. The idea of Adelante 88.


Adelante 88 is wisely positioned on the top of the Caldera at the most beautiful spot of Akrotiri with unlimited panoramic views of the volcano and the whole length of the Caldera. Consists of 5 autonomous private villas that combine ornately the bright Aegean tradition along with the thoughtful and sophisticated luxury. The creation of Adelante 88 is a visionary idea, full of passion and Cycladic art in its most natural and raw form. Each villa, each detail, each service provided, all were designed following a very specific need. The need to offer a complete hospitality and quality experience to our guests. An unforgettable, magical, unique experience!

Adelante Villas

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